ILGL Statement on Fires at Holy Sites – April 2019

A church building is not the same thing as a church community. A Mosque cannot fully embody the prayers of the faithful that gather there. A holy site is holy because of the way it brings worshipers together. And yet, our buildings, our community centers, our holy sites provide space where we connect with one another and to the divine.  No matter the religion it houses, a place of worship is holy to those who keep it holy, and thus the Interfaith Leaders of Greater Lafayette (ILGL) mourn along side those of any religion who see their sacred spaces damaged.

Members of ILGL watched with great sadness as the great Cathedral Church of Notre Dame was heavily damaged by fire yesterday. We were also saddened to see that the Al Aqsa Mosque—one of Islam’s most holy sites—was also damaged by fire. We offer prayers for the church community that worships at the Notre Dame in Paris and for all those who have glimpsed the beauty of God there. We pray also for the Muslim community in Jerusalem and for those who answer the call to prayer at the Al Aqsa Mosque.

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